Wollstonecraft's Like The Flowers That Are Sacrificed To Beauty

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Register to read the introduction… The deeper meaning behind the words “(…) like the flowers (…)” is of course comparing women to flowers. Flowers are beautiful and there are a myriad of breeds. This interpretation shows that there are many different kinds of women and the only thing that sets them all apart is their unique forms of physical beauty. Wollstonecraft goes on to say that the flowers are “planted in to rich a soil, strength and usefulness are sacrificed to beauty (…).” The word “planted” signifies that once a woman is taught the norms of her culture such as; the way she must behave, dress, speak, dance, cook, and a copious amount other things there is nothing else for her to learn, therefore, she sacrifices her strength and usefulness to beauty. Sacrificing is a very harsh word with many negative connotations, for Wollstonecraft to use such a word is issuing a very powerful statement, especially considering that the women are “sacrificing” such important physical human characteristics. Wollstonecraft is upset to see that women are “sacrificing their strength and usefulness” to beauty which is such a frivolous asset to

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