Themes And Symbolism In The Chrysanthemums By John Steinbeck

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John Steinbeck’s ‘’The Chrysanthemums’ is about a proud and resilient woman, Elisa Allen, who is frustrated with her life. Her inability to conceive a child and her husband’s failure to love her are major issues in her family. The flower garden is her only distraction from all her marriage issues. In the garden, she tends lovely chrysanthemums. “Chrysanthemums’ symbolizes Elisa’s and every other woman’s inner-self.

Chrysanthemums symbolize Elisa 's children. She cultivates her garden and takes care of the chrysanthemums carefully and with love just as she would care for her own children. When it comes to her flowers, Elisa is protecting like children. She encloses them in a fence and ensures that “no aphids, snails, cutworms or sow bugs are
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She tries to shed her old identity by rethinking what she truly wants and desires. She prepares for a night-out with her husband. She stares in the mirror at the lingering dress she wants to wear, appreciating her body and womanliness. Elisa puts on her stockings and beautiful dress as she applies her make up. She is expecting to meet her husband in the evening. She hopes her husband will acknowledge her womanly needs and to give her the excitement and romance she craves. Nonetheless, her hope is swiftly torn. Henry’s best compliment on her new looks after all her efforts is very disappointing (Steinbeck 246). His compliment on her appearance does not satisfy her ego as a woman. Finally, her hope is crushed when she sees the flowers on the roadside. The tinker 's inconsiderate enunciation of her soul has devastated her. Similarly, to Henry, the tinker did not acknowledge the same values, which made her an exceptional woman. The symbolic deed left her hopeless. She recognizes that her life is never going to change. Henry is never going to appreciate her sexuality and womanliness entirely. Her awareness of the reality leaves her crying like “a weak old woman” (Hick and Scott

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