Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Influence In Classical Music

In today’s day and age, many great and successful composers have been forgotten. However, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is not one of them. His name and his reputation have lived on through the centuries. In his 35 years of life Mozart composed over 600 with many still listened to today. He is famous for big symphonies, operas, music sung by quires, music on the piano, and much more. Mozart’s talents are endless and he has been a huge influence in classical music and still inspires people today. Mozart was born on January 27th, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. He is the son of Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Mozart. Mozart had seven siblings, five of whom died as infants, so I guess you could say he was blessed from the very beginning. His only surviving …show more content…
The cause of death is still unknown although according to biography.com, the death record states that miliary fever was the cause. For the final weeks before his death he was on bed rest and suffered severe pains. People questioned his death for a long period of time and created their own opinions of what happened, but nobody has truly ever found out the truth. Mozart’s music has influenced me greatly. My favorite piece by him is the First movements of symphonie 40. Not only is it my favorite but it is one of the most famous pieces by him ever. Mozart wrote symphony number 40 on July 25th, 1788 and it is sometimes referred to as “the Great G Minor symphony” as stated on biography.com. They came up with this name to show the difference between this and “the little G minor symphony.”
In Mozart’s short life he was able to compose over six hundred works, including twenty one stage and opera works, fifteen masses, fifty symphonies, twenty five piano concerts, twelve violin concerts, seventeen piano sonatas, twenty six string quartets, etc. He accomplished an undeniably large amount in his 35 years. Mozart’s name resembles pure musical talent and his legacy will forever live on in

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