Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Effect On Western Music

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Throughout all the bloodshed that showed much significance in Western Civilization, who would have ever thought a single man could influence the world through the art of a simple melody. An Australian composer who went by the name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was just the man to take upon this spot in history. Born in Salzburg, Austria, January 27, 1756, Mozart was known as a child prodigy because he was able to master all arks of music beginning at the age of three. These consist of the following the lists: Operas, concertos, symphonies, Sonatas, and chamber music that all played a part in helping shape western civilization music and society in a positive light. Mozart learned and mastered all these arks of music in order to make a notable impact on the large portion of the European nation. Mozart’s operas became a huge influence to the people of the European civilization and allowed Mozart to portray his notable talent. Salzburg, Mozart’s home town presented him with a lack of opportunity which caused …show more content…
One of which was symphonies. Mozart complexity of symphonies was the breaking point of the classic era. His symphonies was used as a language in the 18th century as they expressed the emotions and feelings of how the society was portrayed during that time period. He wrote his first symphony in 1764 in London and his last in Vienna during 1788. Mozart manage to write 41 symphonies in total, but out of all of them his most influential symphony was No. 41 “Jupiter in C major. Mozart took all the best features of his musical style and put them all in this one piece. This piece inspire and laid down a foundation for many up and comping composers. Franz Joseph Haydn symphony was based off Mozart’s No. 41. William Shakespeare incorporated Jupiter in his plays. It also inspired another music prodigy by the name of Ludwig Beethoven. This symphony secured Mozart’s position as one of the realm of masters in

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