Winter's Bone Essay

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* 5) Consider the gender expectations of the Ozark community in which Ree lives. Does she succeed by abiding by traditional gender roles or by rejecting them? Both? Neither? Explain. * * Introduction:
In the Ozarks, the roles of men and women of the Dolly Family over time have not changed. The Olden Dolly men would produce an illegal alcohol called Moonshine as the Present Dolly men are cooking crank. The female gender, both of the past and of the present, would work until they wore out to become empty corpses. Their only responsibility was to preserve and maintain their home. As for Ree Dolly, a well with it and independent teenager, she succeeds by rejecting the traditional gender roles of The Dolly Family. Ironically though,
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For example, when Ree keeps coming to ask Thump Milton for help, the Milton girls react in a horrific way. The Milton girls show how they feel about Ree rejecting her limited roles when they say “She’s crazy to’ve come – wouldn’t you say that means she’s crazy?” (131). The Milton girls believe that Ree has gone crazy because they feel that it is the only explanation for the way she is acting. Ironically, towards the end of the book, the Milton girls are the ones who help Ree find her father. When the Milton girls went to Ree’s house to bring her to Jessup’s body, Ree responds “You think I’m crazy? I’d have to be crazy!” (179). To go from severely hurting someone to being most helpful to that person when they are in dire need is very bazaar. In this meeting with Ree, the Milton girls don’t say she’s crazy for her ambitions to find her father, but rather respond by saying they just want to help. This shows how the Milton girls finally understand why Ree is on this whole adventure; to preserve her home. The reason the Milton girls go out and help Ree all of a sudden is because they can now relate to her.

As Ree goes out searching for Jessup she is in a way taking responsibility for her roles as a female of the Dolly family.

No interest in marriage-
Her mom was married
Her friend Gail is married.- 35
Women stay at home-
Her house would have been taken away had she not been adventurous, brave and

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