Essay about Winnie Of The Woods - Original Writing

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Winnie followed Jesse into the woods. He led her up a rock that was the size of the world. Jesse suddenly asked Winnie “This is my world. Do you like it?” Winnie felt breath taken by the view upon the rock. Below her was a very bluish-gray river that was sparkling in the sun. Jesse started taken off his clothes so he could jump in. He jumped and made a big splash. Winnie looked as scared as rat in a trap. When Jesse came up he told her, “Come on jump!” Winnie looked worried. She said,”I am not scared, it’s just….I can’t swim.” Jesse said to her, “You are not going to drown.” Winnie suddenly started taking off her dress until she had just her under clothes on. She stepped closer to the water. Winnie was looking over the edge at Jesse. Finally, she jumped off. When Winnie hit the water and came up, she started to say Jesse. But by the time she got out half of his name, Jesse was holding her. Winnie splashed the water with her arms and hands. Jesse was spinning Winnie around in the water. Jesse never let Winnie go or put her down. “Don’t let me down Jesse.” Winnie said. “I will when I die” said Jesse. They both laughed a sweet laugh. Winnie knew that Jesse would not die and Jesse knew that she knew.
After the two got out of the river and dried off, Jesse and Winnie sat down on a rock and began talking. After awhile, the sky grew dark and the sun went to sleep. Jesse made a fire and Winnie got the sticks and logs. He knew a lot about the outdoors and had many years to explore…

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