Windows Ultim Essay

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Windows7 Ultimate
Improved features found in Windows 7® Ultimate include the following: desktop navigation, Quicker Finds, Internet Explorer 8, Internet TV, HomeGroup, runs Windows XPMode®, Domain Join, Backup and Restore, BitLocker®, and language of your choice. Desktop navigation consist of Silverlight, “Shake, Peek, and Snap”, New Wallpapers, Retooled Taskbar and Improved Gadgets. Quicker Finds is made possible because of the multiple storage spaces, a start menu with a search box, search everything with anything (file size, date created, tags, and names), searching conducted on external devices, and The More Results option. Internet Explorer 8 is included and features search suggestion, accelerators, and web slices. Internet TV
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Users can navigate through the desktop effortlessly using the Microsoft (2012), “Shake, Peek, and Snap”, (Desktop) and retooled taskbar. By clicking the top of a pane and giving the mouse a “Shake” all other windows minimize, another shake and the windows reappear. The “Peek” feature will allow the user to navigate to the Windows7 desktop by pointing to the taskbar; this will make all open windows transparent so that users can view their gadgets and icons. “Snap” is used to resize open windows by dragging the windows edges. Windows can appear side-by-side, or take up the entire screen, exciter. The Retooled taskbar includes: a Jump list, Pinning, and live taskbar previews. With a jump list a user can access, according to Microsoft (2012), “documents, pictures, songs, and websites simply by right-clicking the program on the taskbar” (Desktop). “Pinning” is used to assist users in accessing there favorite programs on the task bar simply by “pinning” it to the taskbar. A live taskbar previews all programs on the taskbar by pointing to the programs button a preview of its open windows will appear, this is depicted below. (Microsoft, 2012)
The language feature consists of 35 different languages to personalize the operation system further. Languages include, but are not limited to: English, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Chinese and Bulgarian. Menus, Dialog boxes, help topics and other text appear in their selected language.

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