William Shakespeare 's Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay

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William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a very popular play that is studied in schools all over the world. Due to the play having historical background, there is often confusion of the how true to actual Roman life were to the events that offered in the play. The social events in the tragedy of Julius Caesar were very important to the flow of the plot. These events also revealed small details about characters like how Calpurnia, who is Julius Caesar’s wife, is actually infertile. Since these events are very important, I decided it would important to know how the Romans actually behaved and what traditions they had. If there is outside information about actual Romans, then there will be a better understanding of why William Shakespeare decided to format his fictional Romans the way he did and if there are any other details that would have helped with the evolution of the plot. For this investigation, I decided to research the festival of the Lupercalia and the funeral practices of the Romans because the scenes that occurred during these events had great meaning to the main theme and the progression of the plot. In the tragedy of Julius Caesar in act one, scene one and two, the people are celebrating the Feast of the Lupercalia which is on February fifteenth. Julius Caesar speaks to his friend Antony. He tells Antony that he must touch Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, because she is “cursed” with infertility and action is supposed to cleanse her of the curse. The people…

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