William Shakespeare 's ' The Son Of The Town Bailiff ' Essay

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A sensational dramatist and poet in addition to the son of the town bailiff, William Shakespeare had grown to become one of the most universally-known figures, whose thought-invoking plays and sonnets have enraptured the minds of people and continue to do so even to this day. While growing up in the town of Stratford Upon Avon in a household of ___, his father’s prominent position allowed him to have an education in the local grammar school. There, Shakespeare was taught Latin, a skill that was later used in several of his works. Following his hasty marriage to Anne Hathaway and the birth of his three children, Shakespeare moved to London in pursue of a career as a playwright. In London, he made a name for himself and eventually found fame in writing sonnets and plays. Shakespeare’s success can often be accredited to his unusual yet profound writing techniques and complex characters, whose intense emotions are able to effortlessly bring his work to life. After his death, his work continued to spread and gain recognition in many parts of the world. Although Shakespeare is well over four hundred years old, he and his work remain influential and prominent even in today’s modern society. The impact Shakespeare has on society can be seen through his influence in culture. Known for his daring and elaborate plays, it is not surprising that Shakespeare later inspired films, songs, and musicals. According to The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, as the idea of Shakespeare became…

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