The Globe Theater Research Paper

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The Globe Theater
“The experience of watching a performance at the globe was radically different from the of viewing modern Shakespeare on-screen” (Gurr). In other words, the globe theater seemed unique in the way it presented its performances. Moreover, it had a special way of operating that made it famous around the world. Shakespeare’s theater was crafted with thought and creativity that led to a long popularity and usage. Furthermore, the past of the playhouse provides a fascinating story of persistence that offers some character to the old theater. Ultimately, the Globe theater stands as a remarkable architecture because of its creative design, history, and usage.
First, the Globe theater had an incredibly artistic and creative style. Apart from other playhouses, the Globe had very a unique design. The Globe, built in a spherical shape, had 20 sides and three levels of seating. Furthermore, many backstage rooms were built for the theater along with trapdoors on the stage and balcony. Built in 1599, the theatre used wood from the remains of an earlier theatre in the same location. Because of its creative design and efficiency, the playhouse has inspired many replicas around
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An involvement in a play at the theater seemed unlike anything ever known. The Globe theater, shaped like a donut, had its only light source acting as the sun, shining down on the stage. As a result, all plays had to perform during the afternoon and if it rained playgoers without a balcony seat would get wet unless they upgraded. Because of it spherical shape, the audience surrounded stage at all sides, which allowed spectators to be interactive with the drama. With a capacity of 3,000 people, the plays seemed affordable in Shakespeare’s time, playgoers paid a penny for an uncovered yard and two pennies for a balcony seat. In the end, undergoing a play in the Globe theater offered an experience to

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