William Shakespeare 's The Merchant Of Venice Essay

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Portia’s Dominance
In the average fairy-tale style story, there exists a hero that usually gets everything for which they wished. Out of all the major characters that appear in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, none of them appear to be more obvious of a hero as Porta– who is depicted as a wealthy noblewoman who possess great wealth, beauty, and cleverness. However, more prominent than any of these mentioned traits is her utter dominance she shows throughout the entirety of the play. In The Merchant of Venice, Portia is the real hero as she seems to be the most dominant character in the play, triumphing over all the other leads: Antonio, Shylock, and Bassanio. Through her dominance, Portia proves that she is the true hero of the play. In the beginning, the character Antonio strikes as a great candidate for the position of hero, as he is the first character introduced and is confronted with the first conflict of the play. In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio is portrayed as a noble man who is extremely loyal to those he cares for. These traits can be observed when his close friend Bassanio comes along and asks for a loan of a relatively large sum, to which Antonio agrees to help without hesitation even though Antonio states that “all my fortunes are at sea, / Neither have I money, nor commodity / To raise the present sum” and that his credit in Venice “shall be racked even to the uttermost / To furnish thee to Belmont to fair Portia” (1.2.184-189). Despite this setback,…

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