Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' The Crucible '

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1. Metatheatrical is a term that refers to a moment when a play talks about the conventions of doing theatre (this happened a lot in Passion Play). Indicate three moments of metatheatricality in Well. What effect did these moments have on you while you were reading?
a. Moment 1
The first moment is at the beginning of the play when Lisa introduce herself to the audience and mentioned that “this play we’re about to do deals with issues of illness and wellness.” (Page 1) the metatheatrical in this sentence is when Lisa said the word “play” as if they are not already in the play.
b. Moment 2
Another moment of metatheatrical is when Lisa was talking to the audience confidentially, she quoted that the play is “theatrical exploration of universal issues.” (Page 18) Obviously there are in a play but she suggest that the play haven’t start yet and when they make the play, it will be theatrical.
c. Moment 3 Ann, "oh my, is she in your play?" (Page 26) The use of use of this sentence shows that they are talking a play within the play that is going on. Lisa refer to characters in the play to the real people which makes us believe that the moment we are in now is realistic.

d. Your Response
When I was reading the play, this three metatheatrical moments helped me understand more the purpose of the play. I thought I will be confused while reading but Lisa did a good job to make sure we understand the difference of when she was in real life and when she was performing because of this…

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