Essay on William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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The Independent Juliet Considered one of William Shakespeare’s most prominent plays, The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is often thought of as the classic and tragic love story, the tale of “star-crossed lovers.” Yet pigeon-holing such a play to a mere love story undermines the complexity which always distinguishes Shakespeare’s work. The characters developed throughout the play are much more than simple participants in a tale of calamitous love. Often, because of her young age, Juliet is characterized as merely a youthful and naive girl, the object which receives Romeo’s affections. In another extreme, Juliet is the young and rebellious teenage r who defies all social norms and the demands of her controlling parents to pursue her true love, only for her attempts at freedom to end in disaster. Shakespeare is a complex and sophisticated writer, and a one-dimensional perception of Juliet’s character does not fit with his trademark multi-faceted writing style. Juliet’s character is much more refined than it first appears, and it certainly cannot be limited to the various extreme interpretations which are often associated with the young girl of Shakespeare’s most famous play. It is much more complex than such extremes suggest. The sophistication of Juliet’s character is found in the subtly opposing characteristics she possesses: defying her dependent relationship upon her family, Juliet makes her own choice of husband in Romeo and commits to it…

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