William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo + Juliet:

The adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann (1996) is renamed to ‘Romeo + Juliet’ to give it a modernized semblance. This riveting story is about Romeo and Juliet from the opposite families who madly fall in love. They elope, but Juliet was meant to be marrying Paris. So to escape from this reality, they clandestinely compose a plan in which Juliet falsifies her death by drinking a potion which put her into a long sleep. Then after she awakes from the drug, she and Romeo could run away without any problems. But lamentably, the plan fails and they both end up killing themselves because they couldn’t live without one another. Luhrmann’s technique of incorporating Shakespearean terminology with modern setting and props scarcely worked. From the beginning to the end, I personally found the film hard to comprehend because of the intricate language used. The additional scenes that Baz Luhrmann added to make the movie more relatable to the modern century was an absolute fail. From a technical side of view, there was too much exaggeration which made the movie feel unnatural. So in this reflective essay, I will be explaining the difference between Baz Luhrmann’s version and the original, looking at how his version paid respect to the original and also discussing if the combination of old and new worked.

Some elements that Baz Luhrmann applied and abridged made the movie different while keeping the story the same. This made the movie more…

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