William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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There 's always a certain moment in your life where you know you have made the right decision. I know I have made the right decision when I have analyzed the choices set out for me and am comfortable with the end result. Through Socratic seminar I was able to come to the conclusion that Romeo and Juliet were both naive in believing that they were in love. The over catastrophe was their death so that leads us to believe that they made the wrong choice in choosing their own destiny. They are the only ones to blame for their death because they are the ones who made the choice of committing suicide. Depression takes a major rule in this when we critically analyze the mentally of said individuals. In a world where your family hates another for reasons unknown how would you feel if your parents did you marry someone you didn 't wish to marry? The idea of sacrificing your own choices to accommodate the wishes of others really is not living life the way it 's meant to be. This is one of the major reasons as to why Juliet killed herself for someone she believed to love.

Juliet suffers from isolation in a household where the majority of individuals live off for of hatred. The Capulets are so primarily concerned about the feud between them & the Montague that they 've forgotten what actual state of mind is. They do show some initiative by trying to throw Juliet a party; it backfires from the start because the real reason for it is for her to find a beloved. This decision was wrong…

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