Essay on William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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In Romeo and Juliet is said to be a snowy dove which shows us that she is portrayed to be shown as good and pure because being pale in Shakespeare’s time suggested you were upper class. Similarly in the poem porphyries lover she is said to have a smooth white shoulder which shows that both the poems are similar in showing us this.
Additionally Shakespeare portrays to us that love is weaker that death. We can tell this because of the fact Romeo and Juliet are in deep love, they still end up committing suicide at the end. Similarly in my last duchess the speaker kills his wife even though that they were married and were in love. This shows us that both think that death will prevail over love and that love is weak. In the poem the laboratory the speaker uses poison to kill the woman that had been courting with her ex and the reason she wanted to use the poison was to kill her because she was jealous. A quote to show us that she uses poison to kill her would be “Is is done? Take my mask off! Nay, be not remorse; it kills her, and this prevents seeing it close”. In Romeo and Juliet Romeo uses poison to kill him. A quote to show this would be “Hold there are forty ducats us; let me have, a dram of poison. In this way love is shown to be quite hard and tough seeing as people are being killed to just attain love.
Furthermore Robert Browning shows us that love can be quite deceiving as the Duchess likes other men and this leads to the speaker killing her meaning that even if…

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