William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play about two star-crossed lovers toying with forbidden love, despite the ancient feud of the two families. One of the four major characters is Juliet Capulet. Shakespeare introduces Juliet as a young and innocent teenage girl with little thought about love or marriage, but at the end of the play she is viewed as quite the contrary. Her unwavering love for Romeo transforms her into a young, but mature woman. Juliet’s maturity is portrayed through many different characteristics independence being a main characteristic amongst them. Her independence and stubbornness is being displayed when the Nurse pushes her to marry Paris, but Juliet strongly refuses and no longer trusts the Nurse, nor wants anything to do with her. Juliet can also be viewed as intelligent. In Act four, she never tells Paris that she doesn’t love him, but neither does she confess to him her love for Romeo. Another one of the many characteristics portraying Juliet’s maturity is her ability to make decisions quickly and effectively, though they may be insane. Her decisiveness is depicted when she decides to kill herself, almost instantly, without second thoughts, at the sight of Romeo being dead. Though Juliet Capulet is young, she is mature, because of her independence, intelligence, and decisiveness.
The transformation of Juliet in the midst of this renowned play, brought about many new aspects to her character. Beginning as a young and obedient girl, her…

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