William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay examples

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In the play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare captures a good perspective about the feud between the two families. Romeo is a young man part of the Montague family and is in love with fair Rosaline. Romeo falls for Rosaline, proclaiming her the paragon of women and exclaiming how unique she is. Despite his dying love for Rosaline, Romeo finds someone different but stunning at the feast, Juliet. Little did he know she was a Capulet though he fell in love with her regardless. Love compels him to sneak into the garden of his enemy’s daughter, risking death all but to simply to catch a glimpse of her. Romeo would do anything for Juliet even if it meant breaking the law or going against his parents wishes. Romeo knew he wanted Juliet the moment he laid eyes upon her. Although Romeo and Juliet make plans up for many ways to be together, it is almost certain that they have no hand in their fate; they are merely being pushed along by fate. As Juliet prepares to leave everything she loves, Romeo is caught up in the cosmic warfare between his family and the Capulet’s, fighting for his life against her cousins and is eventually banished by the King. Using these examples, as well as Shakespeare’s own textual hints, describe how destiny controls the end result Romeo and Juliet’s ill-fated union. He is filled with anger and takes it upon himself to murder Juliet 's cousin, Tybalt out of revenge for his fallen friend. Upon hearing about Juliet’s death Romeo commits suicide not knowing that she…

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