William Shakespeare 's Othello As A Tragic Hero Essay examples

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hero is made by his good qualities and his/her passion of being a good human being but some of these fine humans had to loose in the storyline world of Shakespeare due to the great and catchy idea called “tragedy”. As known by the modern world, Shakespeare has made tales and stories of tragic heroes which have left a great mark on today’s modern world. . One of these stories is known by the name of ‘Othello’ which is written by William Shakespeare. Othello is supposedly driven by the author to become a tragic hero; understandingly by these points which are that the fallacies and hoaxed stories (Desdemona proclaimingly betrayed Othello in many ways and vice-versa) wee made, there are liers and evil plotters in society like Iago, Othello has upset relationship with his peers/ relatives/ friends due to him being a non-native ‘moor’. An analysis and inquiry of text ‘Othello’ declares that the character named Othello is throughout the book driven by the author to be a tragic hero. The fake and hoaxed stories that foreshadow ‘hamarita” were made in the land of Venice due to the jealousy and hatred shown by many characters in the ‘Shakespeare’s novel. Firstly, Iago talks to Roderigo about how there is a mind game that he wants to start between Cassio, Desdemona and Othello by ‘finding some occasion to anger Cassio’ and acknowledging the very close meeting of their ( Desdemona and Cassio) ‘lips’ that embraces together ( Act 2, Scene1, line 248-260). Iago has started…

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