William Shakespeare 's Othello And Othello Essay

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Once the councilmen, Desdemona and Othello left the council chamber, Roderigo was quick to confide in me the intricacies of his volatile feelings for the fair Desdemona. Moving out of the councilmen’s earshot, I directed Roderigo away from the chamber and into the epicenter of the city. The sun was setting on the Mediterranean, casting its pink glow on the narrow canals that dissected the Venetian island into small fragments. “What should I do, Iago? I confess that I am ashamed to be so fond of Desdemona, but it is not in my virtue to amend it,” he lamented. Oh, what a poor fella! He has been so loyal, so honest, so trusting in me, but all I’ve done is exploited his position. To think such an unattractive, oblivious old man could ever attain such a beauty as she. Hah! I do pity him, but his naivety will be much to my advantage. As long as he continues to subsidize my ostensible efforts to win him Desdemona’s love, I will go on to misconstrue the poor fool. Why should I deny myself the monetary compensation? Anyway, to break up Othello and Desdemona is a part of my scheme to obtain the title of Othello’s lieutenant. Although I will lie along the way, my end goal is an honest one. And I do believe it true that Othello did once cuckold me with my beloved Emilia. I must assure Roderigo that it is within his ability to change his fate; he musn’t give up on me. “Virtue? A joke! ‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus,” I explained, hoping my encouraging words would spark up…

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