William Shakespeare 's Most Influential Playwrights Of All Time

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In Regards to As You Like It
William Shakespeare is one of the most influential playwrights of all time; and his stories have been enjoyed by the masses since their conceptions. As You Like It, is an example of one of Shakespeare’s plays that has survived the ages and is still highly popular. The characters of this play and the changes they go through speak to generations of people. The situations that are forced upon them and the emotions they experience relate so closely to the journeys everyone make toward adulthood. As You Like It has remained relevant as an audience we can relate to the characters, emotions and situations Shakespeare crafts.
The characters of the play draw the readers in the force them to care about the individual characters ambitions and stations in society. Rosalind, Celia, and Orlando are malleable in that they transcend stereotypes. Every line conveys a new facet of a character’s personality. For example, Rosalind’s lines, “Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I speak,” (3.2.226-27) can be interpreted as flighty and annoying or sarcastic. Two opposing personalities dually portrayed by one character. Celia’s character is also flexible; lines like, “It is young Orlando, that tripped up the wrestler’s heels and your heart both in an instant” (3.2.192-93) can be read as jealous or bitingly witty. Orlando’s character is also very unique; his personality has so many sides, he’s angry, he’s love stuck, and kind of simple. Each character could so…

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