William Shakespeare 's ' Merlin ' Essays

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“Six months, Lancelot,” panted Merlin, running at a swift, but even pace. “Six bloody months we’ve been training for this marathon.”

“Half marathon, actually.” Without breaking his fluid stride, Lancelot turned and flashed Merlin a wide grin. He wasn’t even sweating! Lancelot looked like he’d gone for an easy summer stroll as opposed to running for over two hours.

“Feels like a hundred marathons,” Merlin countered.

On the bright side, it was a mild and sunny Christmas day, and Merlin was, after all, running next to his best friend. Even so, Merlin swallowed a mirthless laugh. Best friend all right… If “best friend” meant the man you’d been in love with for ten years, since you were fourteen, and that man had no idea you were in love with him. However, Merlin was not about to ruin their friendship with a finish-line confession of love, and that blessed line appeared just over the crest of the hill. He pushed himself a little harder.

“Easy with the pace, Merlin. We want to finish strong.”

“Right.” Slowing, Merlin nodded. He did not want to vomit and pass out at the finish line—which seemed like a distinct possibility—in front of all their friends. Arthur, Guinevere, Gwaine, Leon, Percival, Elyan, and Morgana had been kind enough to come out on Christmas day to cheer on Merlin and Lancelot, and Merlin did not want to disappoint them by fumbling at the very end.

Lancelot glanced down at his watch. “We’re on track to finish with our best time yet. Almost there.”


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