Essay about William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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Banquo first asks where Forres is, and in meeting the three witches, he says they look as if they are from another planet, though, he also thinks they are human due to their responses to his questions. Banquo attempts to calm the witches by claiming they do, in fact, look like women, but fails overall at pacifying them when he says their beards reveal a more masculine feature.

Banquo talks about the appearance of the witches and how he thinks they look more manlike. The species of the witches is indefinite, so Banquo first thinks they are from a different planet, then is confused by their “manly” beards. Additionally, Banquo finds it strange that these women have beards, as it makes their genders unclear. The word “man” in this quote signifies Banquo asking the witches if they can answer his questions in an intelligent way, so as to confirm their human identities.

Macbeth goes to Lady Macbeth to tell her that he is uncertain about their plan to kill King Duncan, the reason being that King Duncan has great respect for Macbeth. Lady Macbeth immediately insults Macbeth’s courage, in saying that killing Duncan would enhance his manliness. Lady Macbeth calls Macbeth unmanly for his behavior and lack of courage. She also claims the timing is “perfect” for the murder.

The way Lady Macbeth uses “man” in this quote is for the purpose of pushing Macbeth to kill Duncan by insulting his honour, or manliness. She says when Macbeth was first willing to kill Duncan, he was a man.…

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