Essay on William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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Shakespeare only wrote about a very short time in Julius Caesar’s 56 years of living. He only caught about the last couple years of his life even though they were pretty important in how he died. Caesar was a well-known man back when he lived and I think Shakespeare should of included more than about Caesar’s life but there is nothing I can do to change that so I am going to tell you about all the facts that Shakespeare left out.
There are many omitted facts that Shakespeare had left out in his play. Caesar’s first wife was Cornelia and he married her in 84 B.C when he was only a teenager. After some years, a guy by the name of Lucius Cornelius Sulla became the dictator of the Romans. He ordered anyone that was an enemy to Rome were to be executed. Lucius Cornelius Cinna was Caesar’s father-in-law so Lucius Cornelius Sulla pressured Caesar to divorce his wife Cornelia. As the stubborn Caesar refused, he fled Rome and was later caught by one of Sulla’s generals and was forced to pay a huge fine in order to stay free. Later Caesar’s friends and relatives asked Sulla to let Caesar come back to Rome and he did and then Caesar and Cornelia had a daughter named Julia Caesaris.
Caesar’s second love at first sight was with Pompeia who was a granddaughter of Sulla in 67 B.C. In 62 B.C., while Caesar was the chief priest of the state government in Rome, Pompeia had an annual get together called the Bona Dea and it was held at Caesar’s own house. This event was a women only gathering,…

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