William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Hamlet, the protagonist of Shakespeare 's legendary play, shows the audience the rise and fall of Hamlet, who seeks to avenge his fathers death, only to hasten his own. In his plight, he struggles with a progressive anger that corrupts his mind,but what is it that drives a grieving ex-prince to seek out retribution? What is it that causes a young man to take up arms against people he once loved? These are just some of the questions that have made Hamlet such an interesting character, and ones worth further inspection.
To begin, Hamlet has a unique relationship with the daughter of Polonius; the new king 's right hand man. This young maiden goes by the name of Ophelia. Her relationship with Hamlet is quite peculiar and can be used as evidence in the quest of proving Hamlet 's madness. While their relationship was Mostly argument I 've and abusive, Ophelia couldn 't make choices on her own. She was used like a puppet by Polonius, ordering her to converse with Hamlet while he spy 's. Hamlet, saw through the facade and unleashed a truly angry rant. Spatting insulting remarks such as "get thee to a nunnery"(act 3 scene 1) and that she is a "breeder of sins"(act 3 scene 1). This is just one way Hamlet released some of his pent up aggression. Hamlets frustration caused by the terrible situation he has been casted into, is released on to Ophelia. The woman that he used to love. After this, Hamlet has no remorse, no feelings of regret or sadness. He just continues on the downward…

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