Is Hamlet Crazy

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After careful consideration and much thought I have come to the idea that Hamlet was not crazy, but more fueled by revenge than anything. At first glance it’s easy to assume that hamlet acts the way he does because he is mentally unstable and his grief has taken a toll, but ultimately it was his determination to get even with Claudius for killing his father. Nevertheless, Hamlets procrastination leads to his unfortunate demise. In the end both Claudius and Hamlet received the ultimate consequence for their sins. When Hamlet learns that that his mother has married his uncle he decides that he needs to share his feelings for her. Hamlet displays his anger towards his mother after the play by saying “Mother, you have my father much offended” …show more content…
Hamlet allowed his anger towards Claudius to get the best of him. But then again given the opportunity to kill him later he decides to wait for a better time. Desmond Graves says in his article, “In this speech, Hamlet contrasts thought with action, and argues that the native hue of resolution is’ sicklied o 'er with the pale cast of thought. And enterprises of great pith and moment with this regard their currents tum awry. And lose the name of action.’” Hamlet has just killed Polonius, because he was so driven toward revenge for Claudius that he was not thinking clearly. Maybe, because of his untimely murder of Polonius that is why he was not so sure if he was ready to kill Claudius when given the chance.
Hamlet contemplates suicide throughout the story of Hamlet, but decides that whether you live or die you will never have the outcome you want.” Hamlet sees various possible outcomes associated with each alternative. For instance, continued existence will probably be unpleasant, whereas suicide may entail everlasting torment.”(Graves) Hamlet ultimately holds his fate, and decides not to kill himself so that he has the wonderful privilege of killing

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