Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' Ellie '

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Birds chirping and children’s laughter joined together to form a chorus of euphoria that rang through the neighbourhood. Summer was at its ripest. The scent the gentle breeze carried emphasised this; the freshly cut grass, the pollen that tickled your nose the distinct burning scent that could only be a barbecue. The sun shone through the tress in parted golden streams of light. Of course Ellie could not appreciate any of that. Ellie was striding down the twisting lane, narrowly missing kids on their bikes. With her music blasting through her earplugs, she didn’t hear them. Nor did she see them. Ellie was too busy soaking up the scenery around her, thinking how incredible it would be to capture it on paper. Ellie saw a blur zooming towards her in her peripheral vision. She stepped out the way just as a kid swerved out the way. They probably thought she was being an angst-ridden teenager. As a child, Ellie probably would’ve thought that too. Childhood was such a joyful carefree time. Ellie longed for it. The sheer abundance of children in the summertime always surprised Ellie. It wasn’t a lot compared to the amount of children there was in the world, but it was still a relatively big number for the amount of people that lived in this small town. Thinking about the number of children there were in the world made Ellie feel like the unluckiest person that Cassie was her sister. It didn’t help that her parents treated Cassie as if she could do no wrong. If something went…

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