William Shakespeare 's Antigone And The Thousand And One Nights

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Throughout generations kings are portrayed as admirable and successful. Despite their mistakes kings have always been respected. In these two stories, Antigone and The Thousand and One Nights, there is King Creon and King Shahryar. During the beginning of the stories there are similarities between these kings. However, each story has a woman that helped them reflect on their decisions and see how wrong they were. Antigone and Shahrazad are both were strong and believe in justice. King Creon and King Shahryar were both misguided and made assumptions due to their past experiences. However, after Antigone and Shahrazad counseled the kings regarding their actions they became wiser, yet the consequences were very different. Initially, in these two literatures the Kings are shown to be quite similar. King Creon had just taken the throne and he needed to portray someone who had the qualities to be king. King Creon said, “of course you cannot know a man completely, his character, his principles, sense of judgement, not till he’s shown his colors, ruling the people, making laws,” (Sophocles 2.194-197). Therefore, King Creon knew that he had to be harder on his family and on the people to show his capability to be a ruler. He was so focused on being respected by the people that his actions turn him into a stubborn and arrogant person. As known, King Creon began to show his “true colors,” by denying a burial to his own nephew Polynices. King Creon’s ambition misguided him and…

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