Essay on William Shakespeare As A Man Of Art

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William Shakespeare was a man of art. He had the power of putting words in such ways that it lead to feeling the character 's pain or joy. He is the reason why our vocabulary today is so big. William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564. He was the third of the eight children in his family. However, despite his future, he was not born into nobility nor wealth and grew up far from the cultural ways of London. Though he did not go to a university due to his father’s financial problems, he did attend grammar school when he was young. When he was 18, he married Anne Hathaway and had 3 kids. Before Shakespeare became a brilliant poet, he was an actor. He played roles in small plays growing up which lead to him becoming a poet and writing sonnets. Even before he became famous he wrote sonnets when he was little. He looked up to many people and got many creative ideas When he got famous, he had impacted a major part of society. He brought up the questioning on race and preconception. He displayed it with his play “Othello” and it has surprisingly helped shape the society back then and even today. Shakespeare also helped influence a murderer by the name of John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth had murdered Julius Caesar during a play that Caesar was starring in. When he had made a name for himself in 1594 being an actor and playwright, he became a shareholder in the Lord Chamberlain 's Men. It was one of the most popular acting companies in London at the time.…

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