William Shakespeare's Life In The Elizabethan Era

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Despite the struggle that William Shakespeare endured throughout his life he still managed to become an influential historian, and become successful regardless of his financial, family and career problems. He had a very different childhood than most think he had, and growing up in the Elizabethan era wasn’t the easiest for him either. He took the word success to a whole new level in his time and left a huge impact on the world of theatre as a whole. Shakespeare has been known for his strong writing skills and famous plays, poems and sonnets but behind those famous pieces is a short lived life of endeavors. Throughout his short and difficult life, Shakespeare wrote several collections of plays and poetry that focused on topics that involving the Elizabethan Age which influenced his writings, significantly changed how dramatic performances were received and has had a significant impact on today’s culture. Throughout many …show more content…
When Shakespeare was at the young age of 4, he was enrolled at the King’s New School in Stratford in which the education was rigorous, “William Shakespeare was born in April 1564” (Brown 5). As he grew up, he was taught grammar and the Book of Common Prayer, and by the age of seven was instructed on latin. Shakespeare had a wide range of education, due to his father’s high position in Stratford-Upon- Avon.The schooling would be extremely strict for Shakespeare, education for him consisted of a five full days and a half-day on Thursday for 40 to 44 weeks of the year which is over 2,000 hours in school. This is more than double of the amount of time spent in the modern schools today.While in school, Shakespeare was taught classical education of Greek mythology, Roman

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