Essay on William Golding 's Thinking As A Hobby

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We are taught to think since the day we are born but in order to think one must use thought or rational judgement which is an attribution must of us have not acquired. Four brilliant men propose their points of view on why people do not think. William Golding’s Thinking as a Hobby explains the three grades of thinking: grade one, grade two, and grade three. James Harvey Robinson argues that people are not capable of thinking to a certain level of degree and likewise, people do not think wisely. Mark Twain suggests that most of the thought process exercised by people comes to be a result of corn-pone opinions. Additionally, Aldous Huxley argues that thinking is often shut down by overbearing voices and the improper use of technological equipment. All of these men are in agreeance that people do not think because of the fear of being ostracized, the fear of looking foolish, and simply because we are not capable of creating grand thought. Golding argues that people do not think because they mistake their emotions for thoughts and they are, to their detriment, social animals who feel more comfortable conforming to the group. For Golding, thinking is intellectually so demanding that few people are capable of it. The true thinker is someone who does not stop at the question “What is the truth?” but rather he or she sets out to find the answers to their questions. Golding explains the mechanics of a grade three thinker which is one who feels instead of creating an actual thought.…

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