Will Artificial Intelligence Devices Become Human 's Best Friend?

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Will artificial intelligence devices become human’s best friend?

YuMi is no ordinary streamline robotic machinery. According to ABB, “it is the first truly collaborative dual-arm industrial robot” (para. 2), this statement suggests that factories may someday erase the safety lines between human employees and machineries. Equipped with the state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, YuMi is able to intuitively interact with human (Kirchner et al., 2015) making it possible for real man-machine collaborations where machines and human can work efficiently like colleagues.
The application of AI technology is about to start a revolution in the field of industry in the coming years. Nevertheless, the impact of embracing AI goes far beyond factories. AI technology has already begun to infiltrate our lives in many forms such as cell-phone apps, self-piloting, Computer aided design, etc. AI devices are bound to change the way we live, work and have fun. People always say that dog is human’s best friend, but assuming that someday AI devices are just as considerate and intelligent like a real friend would they pose a threat to our loyal friend.
Since ancient times, people are dreaming of artificial objects which possess human intelligence and consciousness in fairytales, myth and legends. Pinocchio, the tin man, robotic maids of Hephaistos are among the most impressive figures. However, it was not until the 1940s that human began to conduct meaningful scientific…

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