Essay on Wildlife Tourism Is A Major Part Of The Tourism Industry

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When people think of international travel, they often think of exotic people, places, and animals that are foreign to them. Swimming with dolphins, riding elephants, visiting large cats, staged photos with wild animals, rodeos and animals in shows are just a few ways animals play a part in tourist attractions. The desire to see and interact with both wild and domesticated animals is a major part of the tourism industry. In 1988, one study estimated, wildlife tourism accounted for 20-40% of international tourism globally. Wildlife tourism is a major part of the overall global tourism industry and it’s a practice that creates attractions all over the world. Wildlife tourism creates millions of jobs, and brings in millions of tourists from around the globe, but this industry is often abusive and unethical toward the animals that it exploits. Animal based tourism is a major part of tourist attractions in North America. Swimming with dolphins is an extremely common attraction in places like Florida, Hawaii and other places around the world. Tourists, who are captivated by dolphins, are often unaware of the cruel industry they are taking part in when they buy swimming with dolphin experiences. Dolphins are described as intelligent creatures that have, “distinct personalities, can recognize themselves in mirrors, and can think about the future.” In their usual wild habitats, dolphins are able to swim large distances everyday, and use echolocation for navigation. In captivity…

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