Wikileaks Essay

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In this paper we will discuss the ethics and issues surrounding Wikileaks and Facebook and attempt to resolve the question of “Would our group work for both, either, or neither”? Particular focus shall be given in the following aspects; Privacy, Freedom of expression, online activism or slacktivism and social media, core principles of Wikileaks and Facebook and whether they have changed, and finally a conclusion drawing on the former to discuss the key moral issues and come to a statement of who, if any, our group would work for. PRIVACY
Although as (Quinn, 2012) states we have more privacy today than what our forefathers had; it appears that Privacy may have reached its peak and is now beginning to recede. There are two
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(Brownstein, 2013) illustrates in his article that most Americans believe that their privacy is being degraded with the use of ICT systems. (Brownstein, 2013) also goes on to theorise from his finding that privacy degradation is trending to increase due to the acceptance of the younger generations, one could theorize that this could be a primary effect of Social Media, Facebook. Denise Gumminger in (Brownstein, 2013) survey stated “I don't think there's anything we can do to change it, it is the technology age".
Information that it taken may be for self-serving benefits such as Facebook selling private information to advertisers, to altruistic means such as Wikileaks attempting to change the world via whistleblowing.
(Rauhofer, 2008) mentions an interesting “panoptic” affect that can occur when privacy is not respected and the information source is aware that external parties are paying attention. This “panoptic” effect is where the source or creator of the information behaves in an alternate manner to which they would have if their information privacy is not compromised. One could assume that this is the ultimate goal of Wikileaks, by releasing what they view as private immoral actions, in the hope to stop the action from reoccurring.
Whistleblowing on the whole is a positive thing and has an important role in a modern

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