Essay Why did William defeat Harold in the Battle of Hastings

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Why did William defeat Harold in the Battle of Hastings? The astonishing battle of Hastings was fought on the 14th of October at 9:30am 1066 shortly after King Edward the Confessor sorrowfully died in a coma on the night of the 5th of January 1066. The battle was fought on Senlac hill approximately 10km northwest of Hastings. So as we all know the battle of Hastings occurred 100s of Years ago, 938 to be precise and we can never really distinguish every inch of the truth, at least we think we cant… However I’m trying to find out why William duke of Normandy Defeated Harold Godwinson King of England at the Battle of Hastings. This essay will decide why William won the Battle of Hasting I’ll be looking at the three following factors: …show more content…
But none of this matters because William duke of Normandy and his great army had been ready for nine months and had even built themselves a castle! Obviously this gave William a clear advantage over king Harold, due mainly to his misfortune and poor leadership.

Another (crucial) line of reasoning, that a lot of people believe cost Harold Godwinson the Battle of Hasting, is the trick that the Normans very cleverly played on the English. This was

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