Why Women Need The Decision For Vaginal Birth Or Caesarean Delivery?

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Women admire the freedom they have to decide how they will deliver their baby, whether they choose their mode of delivery to be vaginal birth or caesarean delivery. Alice Yuen Loke, Louise Davies and Sau-fun Li conducted a study in 2015 that focused on determining why women make the decision they do concerning the mode of delivery they will have. The target population for this study can be described as married women, living in Hong Kong, between the ages of 18-45 years old, who were required to be pregnant or to have given birth within the past 3 years. The participants were recruited in a hospital environment, and asked to voluntarily fill out a short questionnaire, regarding their preference on modes of child birth. The questionnaire included components of the Health Belief Model, in order to come to a conclusion on why women decide on the modes of child birth that they do. The individuals who conducted the study formatted the questionnaire the participants received, to include the specific constructs of the Health Behavior Model. The intervention was structured to be a cross sectional study, meaning that data was collected from a specific population, and then further examined by the researchers. There were multiple questions on the questionnaire concerning the women’s perceived susceptibility, severity, barriers, and the cues to action the women experienced concerning child birth. According to the article, there were 319 questionnaires that were considered valid and…

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