Why What Would You Do To Benefit Viper And Its Community?

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IGN: OfMyRocket

Age: 15 (16 in September)

Skype: Yes, pm if needed.

Time zone: GMT

When did you join ViperMC/ViperHCF: Only started playing regularly since the start of the current map.

How active are/were you: I am on school break so I am on the server the majority of the day.

Be honest, how do you think of yourself in the community? (Toxic, friendly, etc.): I see myself as a friendly person in the community. I am always around trying to do my part, helping out with newcomers to get them started. I would happily help anyone even if they 're more on the toxic side. If staff ever struggle to answer any questions from players I always step in and try to do my best to help them. Overall I am a friendly and all round helpful person.

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I can benefit the community by responding to people in need quicker as at the moment it can be a long wait which is understandable due to the large player base on the server. I can benefit the community by always being there to guide them in the right direction when starting their journey on the Viper network. By clearing out the hackers on the server it would benefit the community as they would feel they 're safe and that they don 't have to worry about losing their hard earned items to a hacker. I am always trying to help people improve their staff applications and always giving feedback to them. I would make Viper a cleaner and happier place to …show more content…
I will help the server by answering any questions that the community have to the best of my ability. I can also help by clearing out the hackers on the Network and making the chat as clear as possible. I will help those players that spam in the chat with things like 'ADMINS ADMINS ', 'HACKER, HACKER '. Due to the fact that I am in the GMT timezone means that this is a popular time for players which means I can help the players in TeamSpeak that have to wait hours for a response on things like 'I have been Insided ', 'Need help Urgent! ' as other staff members may be dealing with more things in game. I also know how to ss players using join.me. I will set an example to all the new players that join Viper that we are a professional server and to show them that we 're one of the best

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