Essay about Why We Shouldn't Celebrate Columbus Day

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Violet Greeley
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March 29, 2010
Why Columbus Day Should Not Be a Holiday Christopher Columbus has been viewed as a hero for several centuries. Children in elementary schools all over the nation are taught that he discovered America. However, there were many other people who were indigenous to the land already and the Vikings arrived in America almost 500 years before Columbus. Christopher Columbus, as it turned out, was responsible for widespread genocide; he permitted his men to rape, murder, mutilate and enslave indigenous people. The evil deeds of Columbus far outweigh the few accomplishments he achieved. It doesn’t make sense for the United States to recognize this supposed Christian with a
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There are some arguments people may present in defense of Columbus Day. For instance, Columbus was a Renaissance explorer. He founded the initial permanent European settlement on the new continent and his arrival set the stage for the start of American history. Another cause for discussion would be Columbus provided a newfound cultural exchange between America and Europe. Still further, the United States has admired Christopher Columbus for such a long time now and we have an immense amount of statues representing the hero we portray him as. Columbus Day is a source of pride among Italian Americans, who represent the fifth largest ethnic group in America today, as well and there’s no other Italian holiday in America. To these statements, one could agree that Columbus did in fact usher in Europeans and everything else related to the old world. Some of those related things include disease, genocide, and barbaric behavior in the name of Christianity. Cultural exchange ought to be more properly defined as cultural dominance, meaning the Europeans dominated and destroyed the hundreds of already existing cultures of the indigenous people. While it’s true we’ve put

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