Why Was I Born A Healthy Child?

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As the day’s pass I question life more and more. I ask my mother why was I not born a

healthy child. Since very young I had dealt with many health problems due to my low immune

system, and as I got older it became harder and harder to deal with such things. Just another day

at the doctor’s office but this time it felt different, my mom seemed a little anxious and would

glance up quickly every time the door beside the doctor’s receptionist would open. The doctor

finally arrives and calls my name, I am glad to see him because this means I am closer to going

back home. I am normally received by a nurse but this time the doctor himself came out to look

for us, I didn’t go into a room where they usually make me breath a couple times
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He seemed a bit serious and my mom does not

hesitate to ask how was I doing. He looks at my mom and tells her that they have found

something within the blood test they took from me. All of the sudden he starts talking about

white blood cells, red blood cells, and immune system and that’s when I was completely lost. I

was only 9 years old, I had never heard of such things and well they were never explained to me

until my life started changing. This was only the beginning of a long journey fighting for my life.

From there on I find myself hopeless and stress in a hospital bed. I was an angry child

who hated the world around her until a young lady came into my room with pretty long hair and

a big smile that seem to make her cheeks pop even more. She takes a marker and writes on a

board and as she proceeds to writing she tell me her name is Lana and that she was going to be

my nurse for the night. She informed me that she will always be available all night for me, and at

that moment I realize it was no longer just me and my mom. The sun peak through the curtain of

the room. I hear someone walking around the room and once I look up this new nurse was
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Later that nigh jasmines

says goodbye and Lana comes in with her big smile. She asked how have I been feeling and she

take my pressure and everything else that is needed. She looks at my book and starts questioning

me about it, after a long conversation she promises me that she would bring some books for me

to read. That night before going to sleep I realize that maybe these place wasn’t so bad.

Time passed it was non stop blood work and examinations, at nights they had to

control my fevers. Jasmine and Lana would rotate with different patients but always found a way

to say hi to me. Whenever it was their turn to take care of me they would always bring

something new for me to do, either board game or movie to watch with my mom. After time

passed my mom realized that my nurses became like my best friends, she started feeling more

free to leave the hospital to run errands and go home to take showers. Throughout the time I was

hospitalize my face always seemed extremely pale due to the lack of sun. Realizing the lack of

color in my face I always complimented Jasmine for her olive skin and beautiful cotton

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