Essay on Why Trigger Warnings Can Not Be Implemented

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Why Trigger Warnings can not be Implemented
In recent discussions of trigger warnings, a controversial issue has been whether college and universities should enforce this movement that prevent students from being exposed to important academic content. A trigger warning is, according to the article The Coddling of the Mind by Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff, “Alerts that professors are expected to issue if something in a course might cause a strong emotional response” (Haidt, Lukianoff). These alerts forewarn students who have experienced a trauma, i.e. rape, abuse, race, or so forth about course material that might include any of them. Trigger warnings can not be implemented because most students do not realize how this movement will actually cause more harm than good as it denies them a fully developed academic and intellectual experience, critical thinking in the classroom, and prepares them poorly for professional life.
Regarding trigger warnings, another term that has risen amongst college campuses is something called microaggressions. “…a micro-aggression - a question, a comment, even an intended compliment, sometimes, that nevertheless suggests something demeaning” (“Microaggressions: Be Careful What You Say”). For example, saying to a friend or person you come in contact with, “You’re very pretty for a dark-skinned boy/ girl”, while some might take this as a compliment others might take this as an insult as it indicates a dark skinned person is supposed to be…

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