Why The World Needs Trade? Essays

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Consumers all want the services and goods that satisfy their needs or wants. This can be difficult to obtain as a country or nation if it is to only rely on its own natural resources. This is why the world needs trade - to obtain the consumers wants and needs to help satisfy the nation. The idea around trade opens many options for new materials or products to be created. Trade is used for many products like a kid’s toy in the United States. These products are made outside a nations boarders and imported to be sold to a consumer who would like the new toy. Webster defines trade as “the activity or process of buying, selling, or exchanging goods or services” or also as “the act of exchanging one thing for another.” These definitions show that without trade, the world would struggle to satisfy the consumers’ needs with lack of goods and services to put on the market to be purchased. The world of trade creates the economy and helps the flow of money through the goods and services that are being placed out to buy. This helps the economy by putting money into the flow. Then, we can look at a darker side of the idea around trade since every positive has to have a negative. The need for trade makes nations have to cooperate together, but if one’s nation is cut out of the circle it can create a rage in a nation. Take, for example, if an oil field in the Middle East stopped selling to everyone it would become a problem for the world. Nations would begin to create chaos and could lead…

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