Why The Parent 's Decision Should Be Abided By If I Were The Doctor

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Imagine a scenario where a single parent has the right to make a decision for their child whether they receive a life-saving treatment or not. The parent is deemed competent and seems to understand the situation. The parent decides to refuse the treatment for their child and a physician has to decide whether to grant the refusal or reject it. I believe, based on the required reading on consent, that the philosophers Allen Buchanan and Dan W. Brock would need additional information on the scenario, such as whether there are alternative treatment options. I would agree with their view because if there is more than one treatment that will satisfy the illness, the parent should be allowed to choose any of them. I would also need to examine the case in more detail before I decide whether the parent’s decision should be abided by if I were the doctor. In addition to the factor the philosophers would likely want to discuss, I would like to investigate how old the child is and whether they seem to be competent because I believe that competence should not be based solely on age, and also to find out if external factors like religion play a part in the parent’s decision and if the child wants to abide by that religion because no one should be forced to go against their beliefs. This paper will have two sections to discuss the ethical implications of granting or refusing the parent’s decision based on the factors mentioned above. In the first section, we will look at how the…

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