Why The Individual Is Considered An Entrepreneur Essay

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An Explanation of Why the individual is considered an Entrepreneur
According Merriam-Webster an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. (Merriam-Webster 2015) The entrepreneur that I chose to profile certainly fit this definition. He’s 37 year old Herbert Doucet. He was born in Opelousas Louisiana and grew up in Palmetto Louisiana. He is known to his friends as Mr. Herb. Mr. Herb is a family man. His wife’s name is Cheritha Docuet and his children are Taylor Doucet 13 and Herbert Doucet IV 15. Mr. Herb is a Master Barber at Sharp Cutz.
Mr. Herb is an imposing figure standing at about 6”5” and 265lbs. As I walked into the barber shop to interview him he had a client in his chair with
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Herb stated that when he moved to Georgia and started cutting hair that he found the flexibility in being an entrepreneur the most attractive benefit. He was able to pickup and drop his children off at school. This benefit he still enjoy as his kids have grown and are very active in school sports. He also stated the experiences he had as a kid played a big part in him becoming an entrepreneur. He was always taught to me self-sufficient by his parents and to learn how to do as many jobs as possible himself, so that he would not have to hire others to do them. He stated that becoming a barber was always a dream that had and held …show more content…
He also stated that one need to be constant and persistent in their chosen field. One should choose ones’ chosen career based on the love of the career, not the financial reward of a career. Mr. Herb stated that education is also important if one desire to be an entrepreneurship. One theme that ran through the interview was the Golden Rule. Mr. Herb kept repeated, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. I could not help but get the message, that the success that Mr. Herb has achieved is derivative, from his motto, “treat others as you would like to be treated”.
How That Person Was Able To Develop A Strong Ethical Culture In Their

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