Essay on Why The Honey Bees Are Disappearing

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There are many different speculations of why the honey bees are disappearing. Research suggests that one cause of the disappearance of the honey bees are diseases. One of the biggest threats to honey bees is Varroa Destructor “a large external parasite that attaches and sucks the blood from the bee. The Varroa mite, introduced by accident in 1987 by the Asian Honey Bee, has since developed a disastrous relationship with the American honey bee resulting in a significant loss from coast to coast. As it feeds it infects the bee with the disease. Once the bee returns to the hive it will infect the rest of the colony”(). American honey bees are known to have large hives. The infection of the disease can destroy an entire colony of 60,000 bees. In addition to the disease, mankind is another factor is the disappearance of the honey bee. The destruction of forests, elimination of landscapes, building dams, commercial construction, pollution, chemicals and pesticides, and climate change have all caused the loss of honey bees around the world.
Due to the drop in honeybees worldwide the loss of pollination will continue to decrease not only affecting food sources but also affecting public health. In addition, environment changes will have widespread consequences due to the decline of animals that are no longer able to produce pollination. One researcher suggests “Micronutrient deficiencies are estimated to affect more than 1 in 4 people around the globe. The “hidden hunger”…

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