Essay about Why The Drinking Age Should Be Legal

1095 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
We Can Lay Down Our Lives, but Can’t Pick Up a Drink Drinking is a big part of our society. We drink on holidays. We have big bonfires. We have alcohol. The drinking age should be set to eighteen. Eighteen year olds are considered adults and are allowed to make adult decisions but can not legally drink at all. What sense does that make? Are twenty one year olds any more responsible than eighteen year olds? There are more news story about DWI with people of age, than those who are underage. Eighteen years old can buy and sell tobacco, vote for leaders for our country, buy cars, get loans, buy a house, sell alcohol, but cannot drink any. Why be allowed to act like an adult and have all the same opportunities as twenty one year olds but stopped from purchasing alcohol? If that is the case, eighteen year olds should not be considered adults if they are not given all the rights that other adults have. Eighteen year olds should be allowed to purchase and intake alcohol, just as twenty one year olds can.
Society is okay with eighteen year olds being shipped out overseas to defend our lives, while risking theirs, but they cannot enjoy a beer? We are allowing the future leaders of our country to die and kill others and we are perfectly fine with that. As a society, we are not okay with eighteen year olds being able to drink if they so choose to. The drinking age should be lowered. Eighteen year olds cannot be that immature and incapable of making decisions when they are…

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