Essay on Why The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Why the death penalty should be abolished

As of 1976 more than 1,000 innocent people have been executed. Since 1973, 144 people have been exonerated. As a percentage of all death sentences, that’s just 1.6 percent, but if the innocence rate is 4.1 percent, more than twice the rate of exoneration: the study shows what most people assumed. An untold number of innocent people have been executed. Furthermore those wrongfully sentenced are likely to be killed therefore until we can find a perfected way to punish the criminals of the world without killing them the death penalty should be abolished. Capital punishment does not deter crime rates in any scenario. Of all the arguments in favor of capital punishment, the one that seems to have the most staying power is the idea that it is a deterrent to future crime in the possibility of facing death makes it less likely that people will commit crimes that will or could lead to death. Nonetheless, the idea that the death penalty is a deterrent remains the argument that death penalty advocates rely upon the most, even in the face of the problem of wrongful conviction of innocent men. In recent years, five U.S states have eliminated capital punishment, and several others are currently reconsidering their policies. Advocates insist the move will only cause more murders. Yet North Carolina’s crime rate decreased after executions stopped. Advocates then point to a number of studies conducted over the past couple of decades that support…

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