Why Suicide Is A Form Of Success Essay examples

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Suicide has long been a way to uphold one’s family honor in Japan (Louie, 2014). Unlike the West, religions like Christianity view suicide as a sin carrying a negative meaning. Japanese countries see suicide as a mean of apologizing for disgrace, defeat, or any other dishonorable action or event (Louie, 2014). WWII demonstrated this culture of self-sacrifice. And while the Westerners frequently misunderstand this action, certainly is not for the fundamentalist who will die for their cause, religion, and family.
We may ask ourselves whether there is anything so extreme worth dying other than war. It is a theme that is so absorbing because our take on “failure.” unimportant. Failure is a form of success, or at least, can lead up to it. Life throws problems on our path always. But it is us and only us who are responsible for our rash decision. A study was done by the Norwegian Insitute of Public Health, who interview relatives and friends of people who committed suicide despite their accomplishments and successes, found a particular vulnerability to feeling rejected and not having succeeded in achieving their goals (Nauert, 2015). The situation may have brought Ra Mi a profound sense of shame and being trapped in anger which leads to the feeling life is not worth living. A parent – child suicide, which is known as Oyako-Shinju in Japan. The bond between the mother and the child is a powerful relationship. The mother’s dedication to the child is essential. According to…

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