Why Stalin Was A Hero Or A Cold Blooded Murderer? Essay

2011 Words Mar 17th, 2016 9 Pages
Joseph Stalin was either considered a hero or a cold blooded murderer. He was considered one of the greatest Soviet Union leaders of all time. Stalin had to make some important decisions when he became leader. The issues he was dealing with at the time was multiple threats from internal and external sources. The first threat he received was from the west. When Britain began cutting off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, it brought fear in the eyes of many young men and woman. The people felt that the west was preparing another attack on them. During the Russian revolution, foreign powers took land from the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union felt that there needs to be a change in the way they ran their country because sooner or later they were going to be dominated by another world power. This was why Stalin implemented the Five Year Plans that were broken into three parts.
On December 18, 1878, Joseph Stalin was born. An interesting fact about Stalin is when he changed his birth date to December 21, 1879. He was raised in Gori, Georgia. Joseph was giving the name Stalin because it means “Man of Steel.” Stalin did not have a very good childhood because he was very poor and an only child. Stalin’s father was an alcoholic. When he attended a seminary school, he was getting involved with the revolutionary movement against the Russians. Later, Stalin was kicked out of school for not taking his final exams. Stalin started to get involved with criminal activities, for…

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