Why Solar Energy Is Becoming One Of The Most Popular Ways Of Producing Energy

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The sun is the biggest producer of energy man has ever known. It is also just a normal sized star. Most of this energy is wasted however. On an average day the sun produces so much energy it would power everything we own for the rest of our lives. The solar rays produced from the sun are what can be used as an energy source (Locke, S.). Knowing this many people are harvesting this energy to produce power. This is why solar energy is becoming one of the most popular ways of producing energy. Solar power has been around since the nineteen seventies. It has come a long way since then though. Today’s solar panels are way more efficient that one’s in the past. The early solar panels were made out of silicon, which was expensive. The solar panels today are made out of cheaper types of crystals that are more efficient than the early models. Now day’s people are finding ways to power almost anything with solar panels. It’s a very popular way to save money, go green, and become energy independent. People like using solar energy because for the most part it’s basically free, and it is good for the environment. Another reason people like it so much is because it’s a renewable energy source. Today we are so dependent on fossil fuels to power everything out there. Eventually there won’t be any more fossil fuels left. Solar power is better because it is always there. It works when it’s cloudy too, but works best when it’s in direct sunlight. Solar power is being used in a variety of…

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