Why Single Sex Schools Didn 't Best For Educating Children At Secondary Level

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As a past student of a co-ed secondary school, I can attest to the fact that the memories and experiences I had interacting and socializing with classmates of the opposite sex have a positive impact on the way I communicate in my everyday life. Preparation for the real world, enhanced interpersonal skills and discernment of gender views are some of the reasons why single sex schools aren’t best for educating children at secondary level.
A former president of the American Psychological Association supports the notion that single sex schools may not entirely prepare secondary school children for some aspects of the real world, when he rhetorically stated “School is preparation for adult life, how can boys and girls learn how to interact as equals in the workplace if they have no experience interacting as equals in school?” (Novoteny, 2011). Society consists of genders, male and female who must communicate or interact with each other frequently if not on a daily basis. School is an institution where communication skills are not only taught but practiced. Therefore, children attending a co-ed school may find it easier to interact or communicate with persons of the opposite sex in and out of the work place because they do it on a daily basis in their school environment. For instance, boys and girls work in classroom groups to complete assignments which give them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work with each other. So when they do enter the ‘world of work’, they…

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